Chris Barrance: Designer

Project: UK Health Screening Rebrand  |  PAM Group

Role: Lead Graphic Designer supported by a content and marketing team

Position: Employed with ToHealth


Following a business takeover and subsequent rapid expansion, UK Health Screening recognised the need for a refreshed brand that would communicate its human-centric position as a leading supplier of at-home blood testing kits. This case study outlines the process undertaken to reimagine the brand’s logo, focusing on modernising the existing heart icon, utilising a humanist typeface, retaining the colour palette, and incorporating a descriptive blood drop shape.

UK Health Screening had an established presence in the market, but its old brand logo featuring a heart encompassing the British flag was considered too literal. The company desired a refreshed brand that conveyed its commitment to human-centric healthcare while aligning with its expanded product offerings and embracing modern design elements.

To reimagine the existing heart icon, the design team opted to retain its essence while infusing it with a modern style. The heart icon was refined and enhanced with a blood drop shape, creating a unique mark that was both descriptive and adaptable to various digital and non-digital applications.

The brand decided to utilise the InterFace typeface for its refreshed identity. This approachable humanist typeface was selected for its legibility, reflecting the brand’s commitment to clear communication and ease of understanding for its customers.

The colour palette retained the blue and red from the old brand, ensuring continuity and brand recognition. Blue symbolises trust, reliability, and professionalism, while red adds a touch of energy and vitality, evoking the importance of health and wellbeing.

The chosen concept successfully combined the heart icon with the blood drop shape, resulting in a mark that visually communicated the core focus of at-home blood testing kits while retaining aspects of the original brand.

Comprehensive brand guidelines were created to provide clear instructions on logo usage, typography, colour palette, and other visual elements. These guidelines ensured consistency in brand representation across various platforms, maintaining a strong and recognisable visual identity.


Through a thoughtful and strategic brand refresh, UK Health Screening effectively communicated its human-centric position as a supplier of at-home blood testing kits. The reimagined logo, typography, colour palette, and comprehensive brand guidelines provided a cohesive and visually appealing representation across various platforms. By embracing modern design elements while staying true to its core values, UK Health Screening achieved a refreshed brand identity that resonated with its target audience and supported its business growth and expansion.