Chris Barrance: Designer

Project: SSA Website  |  Suffolk Strength Academy

Role: Lead Graphic Designer

Position: Freelance


SSA, a Suffolk-based small-group personal training gym, aimed to improve customer experience and streamline their internal workflow. To achieve this goal, I designed and developed a website that seamlessly integrated with their CRM system, Keap. This case study outlines the UX design process, challenges faced, and the ultimate benefits of the integrated solution.

SSA’s CRM system, Keap, served as a centralised platform for managing customer leads and sales. However, their website previously operated independently, leading to disjointed data management and inefficient customer engagement. The integration of the website with Keap aimed to bridge this gap and provide a holistic user management experience.

To begin the UX design process, I conducted research and analysis to understand SSA’s business goals, user requirements, and Keap’s capabilities. I conducted stakeholder interviews and examined existing user feedback to identify pain points and opportunities.

Key Findings:

  • The existing website lacked real-time lead generation and customer tracking features.
  • Data duplication and manual entry caused inconsistencies and wasted time.
  • Managers desired a seamless experience between the website and CRM system.
  • SSA sought to leverage Keap’s functionalities for personalised marketing campaigns and enhanced customer relationship management.

Based on the research findings, I proceeded with the UX design and implementation phase, focusing on creating a unified and intuitive experience for website visitors and SSA’s internal team.

Key Solutions Implemented:

  • Seamless User Experience: I ensured a smooth transition between the website and Keap, eliminating the need for users to switch between platforms. This was achieved by synchronising user data between systems via API integration.
  • Real-time Lead Generation: I developed a user-friendly lead capture form on the website, enabling visitors to submit inquiries and signup to trials. The form was directly linked to Keap, ensuring immediate lead capture and eliminating manual data entry.
  • Automated Data Synchronisation: To address data inconsistencies and manual entry errors, we established automated data synchronisation between the website and Keap. This reduced redundant work and improved data accuracy.
  • Personalised Marketing Campaigns: Leveraging Keap’s CRM capabilities, we enabled SSA to segment their leads and customers effectively. This allowed them to send personalised marketing campaigns and nurture leads based on their membership level.

We conducted usability testing with SSA’s internal team to gather feedback and refine the integrated solution. Through testing, we identified usability issues, clarified user flows, and made iterative improvements to enhance the overall user experience.

The integration of the website with Keap’s CRM system yielded numerous benefits for SSA:

  • Improved Workflow Efficiency: By automating lead capture and data synchronisation, SSA’s internal team saved significant time on manual data entry and improved their overall efficiency.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: The seamless integration between the website and CRM system allowed for personalised interactions, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and engagement.
  • Data Accuracy and Consistency: With automated data synchronisation, SSA minimised data duplication and maintained accurate customer records across both platforms.
  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns: Leveraging Keap’s segmentation and automation features, SSA successfully executed targeted marketing campaigns, resulting in improved lead conversion rates and ROI.


The integration of SSA’s website with Keap’s CRM system significantly improved customer experience and streamlined workflow. By addressing data inconsistencies, enabling real-time lead generation, and automating processes, SSA successfully achieved their objectives.

The collaborative efforts resulted in a seamless and efficient user experience, empowering SSA to build stronger customer relationships and drive business growth. As a result of this business growth, SSA was able to move ahead with plans to redevelop the gym space to accommodate new members and equipment.